Genesearch is Australia’s oldest continuously owned private biotechnology company, founded by 3 scientists as a partnership in 1980 and incorporated in 1985. It is located at the Gold Coast Technology Park in Arundel, Queensland. In 2015, we expanded our operations into New Zealand with an office in Auckland.

With expertise in biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology and microbial taxonomy and physiology, over the years Genesearch has performed R&D for other companies and developed its own products in enzymes, waste treatment and bioremediation, silage inoculants, biopesticides and bioplastics. In 2008 Genesearch demerged its agri-microbial production activities into Bacterial Fermentation Pty Ltd.

Genesearch became the Australian distributor for New England Biolabs in 1983 and took on Cell Signaling Technology in 1999. Our focus has been on enzymes and antibodies for molecular and cell biology research. Our distributorships also include: Cisbio for HTRF Immunoassays, Biosilta media and Thomson high-aeration flasks for optimum recombinant protein expression, GeneCodes for DNA sequence analysis and DNA2.0 for gene synthesis and vectors.

Genesearch is the developer of the e.Freezer, an innovative on-site ordering and dispensing system that saves researchers and their administrators time and money through its extensive automation and integration with stock control, ordering and invoicing systems.