Your scientists are leaders in a fast-moving field. They need to get their reagents as quickly as possible to maintain their pace of work.

But as an administrator, you have to look at ways of cutting administrative costs, controlling budget expenditure, getting the most from your research dollar.

e-Freezer provides instant access to products for your researchers & overcomes ALL the administrative problems associated with traditional manual freezer programs.  The eFreezer uses electronic data transfer, remote communications, monthly electronic PDF invoicing & fully automated stock control to completely eliminate the need for any paperwork!  The scientists benefit from the rapid delivery and convenience. The administrators benefit from lower administrative costs, accurate records, better budget control and consolidated invoicing.


  • Cards and users (up to 10 users per card) can have independent expiry dates and spending limits.
  • Spending limits can be set so they cannot be refreshed without proper authorisation, or made auto-refreshing so that monthly, quarterly, daily etc spending limits can be enforced – with no administration required to refresh the limit for the next period.
  • Combined invoices are sent at the end of the month, reconciled with transaction records itemised by department, card and user.
  • Optionally, the card contact person can be emailed with their card’s transaction details for confirmation that the purchases were made.
The primary advantage of e.freezers for administrators are substantial savings in administrative costs compared to both manual ordering systems and manual freezers, due to rigorous stock control and accounting systems that are fully computerised for maximum accuracy, efficiency and flexibility in reporting.
An on-site coordinator is chosen as local liaison for the e.freezer. On-site coordinators are responsible for minor troubleshooting, restocking the freezer and returning recalled items. These functions are automated as far as possible and our on-site coordinators have found that they spend far less time on these tasks than they would have to spend with either standard purchase ordering systems or manual on-site freezers.