Research is a fast-moving field. Why wait days for delivery of the reagents you need if you don’t have to?

The e.Freezer is an innovative reagent delivery system that gives researchers immediate access to commonly used reagents plus the ability to order any of our range directly, economically and without administrative overheads.


  • Easy to use, with a point-and-click interface
  • 10% off NEB products through the e.freezer (some exceptions may apply)!
  • Free shipping on all orders!
  • Each smartcard can have up to 10 users – each user is then advised directly via email when any ordered items are available for collection
  • Optional and independent expiry dates and spending limits. For example, the head of the lab can have an unlimited budget/expiry date, while students can have restricted budget limits with ordering permission set to expire when they are due to finish.
  • Powerful search and filtering capabilities by supplier, product category, what’s in stock and product search.
  • e•Freezers are ideally situated in locations with 24-hour access, 7 days a week
  • No administration or record-keeping required: just buy the product and take it away!
  • If an item isn’t in stock, you can order it for delivery to the e•Freezer & generally it will arrive the next day, or within 10 days for non-stock items
  • Instant email notification as soon as ordered items arrive at the e•Freezer
  • All our catalog items can be ordered through the e•Freezer system even if they are non-freezer items
  • You can order over the web as if you were at your e.Freezer
The primary advantage of e•Freezer for scientists are relevant and responsive stocking, easy access and use, and absence of ANY manual administrative requirements.
An on-site coordinator is chosen as local liaison for the e.freezer. On-site coordinators are responsible for minor troubleshooting, restocking the freezer and returning recalled items. These functions are automated as far as possible and our on-site coordinators have found that they spend far less time on these tasks than they would have to spend with either standard purchase ordering systems or manual on-site freezers.