Online Ordering

You don’t have to go to your e•Freezer to order! Simply log on to our online store using your smartcard number and personal user password and you can place orders as if you were standing at the e•Freezer.  As with other e•Freezer orders, you will be advised by email when your items arrive and you can order any of our range, even products which can’t be stored in the e•Freezer itself.

e•Freezer Stockholdings

When you log in to our online store  items currently in stock in your e•Freezer will be marked with a blue snowflake, so you can immediately tell what is already there! If you order an item that is already in stock, it will be reserved for you immediately so you can go and collect it straight away. Items not in stock are shipped to your e•Freezer regularly and you will be advised by email when you can expect it and when it arrives.

Smartcard Applications

If you have access to an e•Freezer but don’t yet have a smartcard to access it, simply apply online. When your application is approved we will send your smartcard to you.

Smartcard Maintenance & Enquiries

Any “Admin” user on your smartcard can change most details of your smartcard – users, limits, even your location – online, simply by logging into our online store and selecting “Update Card” from the account popup menu.

If you have lost your smartcard, any user on the card can report it lost online, simply by logging into our online store and selecting “Lost Card” from the account popup menu. Note that replacement cards cost $10 plus GST.

For other enquiries or to enquire about an e.freezer, please fill out our enquiry form.

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your Smartcard password go to our e.Freezer login page and choose Forgot Password from the menu.   If your card has already been locked out due to incorrect password attempts this process will unlock the card.