The e•Freezer is an automated biochemical product delivery system developed by Genesearch.  It provides all the convenience of on-site freezer access, without any of the accounting and stocking problems normally associated with these systems.  Scientists use a smartcard to gain access to the system, which allows them to purchase items stored in the freezer and order items not currently stocked, even ones that can’t be put in the freezer. Stock levels are continually adjusted according to local and national buying patterns.  The e.Freezer is connected to the Internet, providing rapid information transfer for ordering and supply. Because of its fully automated delivery and accounting features and Smartcard access, the e.Freezer enables access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for users, yet complete accounting information for purchasing departments and rigorous stock control for suppliers, without substantial administrative overheads.

Benefits for Scientists

Research moves fast these days. Scientists can get their results in hours – why wait days for delivery of the reagents you need if you can get them faster?  e•Freezer is an innovative reagent delivery system that gives researchers immediate or next day access to the majority of reagents they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The primary advantage of e•Freezer for scientists are relevant and responsive stocking, easy access and use, and absence of ANY manual administrative requirements. 

Benefits for Administrators

Your scientists are leaders in a fast-moving field. They need to get their reagents as quickly as possible to maintain their pace of work.  But as an administrator, you have to look at ways of cutting administrative costs, controlling budget expenditure, getting the most from your research dollar. e.Freezer gives it to you, with fully automated monthly invoicing and budget control.  The primary advantage of e-freezers for administrators are substantial savings in administrative costs compared to both manual ordering systems and manual freezers, due to rigorous stock control and accounting systems that are fully computerised for maximum accuracy, efficiency and flexibility in reporting.