Do You Have an e.Freezer Smartcard Already?

If you already have a smartcard for a Genesearch e.Freezer, you can already buy online! Just go to our Catalogue page and log in using your smartcard number (not name) and your usual e.Freezer smartcard password. This is like an e.Freezer on your desk! Items you order can be collected from your e.Freezer (some might be shipped directly to you) and you will be billed in your standard monthly e.Freezer invoice. What could be simpler?

Is There an e.Freezer Nearby?

If you have access to an e.Freezer nearby but you don’t yet have an e.Freezer smartcard, you should consider getting one. Get an automatic 10% discount off nearly all NEB and CST products, free shipping, order any of our products online or at the e.Freezer, and enjoy 24 hour access every day of the week (subject to institutional security policies)! To find out more about the benefits of using e.Freezer, click here.

Applying for an e.Freezer smartcard is simple: just fill out the online form. Note that you will need to provide the contact details of your supervisor, accounts department or other person with the authority to approve purchases.

How Do I Get a Web Account?

If you don’t have access to an e.Freezer, you can order online once you have a web account. Note: To place orders using a web account you will need either an official purchase order number from your institution or to pay online with your credit card (MasterCard or Visa) when placing your order.

Then What?

Once you have an e.Freezer smartcard or a standard web account, just go to our Catalogue page, log in and order! You can also administer your account (including if you forget your password or want to change it) from that page.

Manage your Orders

Once you are logged in at this website,  click Accounts and then select Purchase History.  Here you can check order status and cancel orders.