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Genesearch is Australia’s oldest continuously owned private biotechnology company, founded by 3 scientists as a partnership in 1980 and incorporated in 1985. Not far from the beach, you can find us on the Gold Coast in Arundel, Queensland.

With expertise in biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology and microbial taxonomy & physiology, over the years Genesearch has performed R&D for other companies and developed its own products in enzymes, waste treatment and bioremediation, silage inoculants, biopesticides and bioplastics. In 2008 Genesearch demerged its agri-microbial production activities into Bacterial Fermentation Pty Ltd.

Like you, we have felt the frustrations waiting for the delivery of the critical reagents in our experiments: that’s why our goal is to bring you the best quality reagents, as quickly as possible, so you can focus on the fun part – your results!

With this in mind, we developed the e.Freezer, an innovative on-site ordering and dispensing system to save you (and your administrators) time and money with immediate access to commonly used reagents, extensive automation and integration with stock control, ordering and invoicing systems. We installed our first e.Freezer at UQ in 2000, and now have over 50 e.Freezers in the wild.

Our Technical Specialists have a wealth of experience in molecular and cell biology applications and are happy to help. We represented New England Biolabs for 36 years in Australia from 1983 to 2019 when they established their local subsidiary in Melbourne, and their sister company Cell Signaling Technology since their incorporation in 1999. Our products include molecular biology enzymes, antibodies and fine chemicals.


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