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Premium quality doesn’t always come at a premium price! Order at least 3 of ABclonal’s 100 µl size antibodies and receive 30% off the list price!** With over 20,000 polyclonal & monoclonal antibodies as well as ELISA Kits, ABClonal has something for every project. ABC antibodies can be used in popular research areas including epigenetics, DNA damage/repair, […]

ABflo™ flow cytometry antibodies

We are pleased to announce the release of our new ABflo™ flow cytometry antibodies, featuring: Offered in a variety of fluorescence labeling systems, encompassing proprietary ABflo™ fluorochrome conjugates as well as classic fluorochrome conjugates. Provided in both unconjugated and classic clone flow cytometry formats, extending their versatility and potential applications. Reactivity towards multiple species, including […]

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