Double your protein expression

With the same footprint as a typical Corning® 3L flask and a culture volume of up to 3L, Thomson’s Optimum Growth™ 5L Flasks may increase production 200%, if not more, in the same space making your shake cabinet much more efficient.

Specially developed for mammalian and insect cell culture, they come in multiple sizes.

931110Optimum Growth™ 125mL Flask50 /case
931111Optimum Growth™ 250mL Flask50 /case
931112Optimum Growth™ 500mL Flask25 /case
931113Optimum Growth™ 1.6L Flask12 /case
931114Optimum Growth™ 2.8L Flask6 /case
931116Optimum Growth™ 5L Flask4 /case
  • Baffles designed for high aeration and low shear to maintain cell viability
  • Less foaming than disposable Fernbach potentially eliminates additives
  • Transfer cap option connects directly to cell bags or bioreactors with multiple connection options
  • Individually packaged and sterilised for immediate use
  • Same footprint as comparable Fernbach flask but with a 50-60% fill volume
  • 0.2μm Vented Cap simultaneously maintains high gas exchange and sterility
  • Scalability from 125mL up to 5L lets you mix and match different flask sizes in your shaker greatly improving space efficiency

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