Fast, Affordable Oligos

From oligos for Sanger sequencing and PCR, to oligos modified with your choice of over 200 chemical modifications, our oligo synthesis services provide the high quality results you expect from Azenta with the breadth of oligo synthesis expertise you need for your experiments.

Download the template and request a quote.

  • Standard desalted oligos for PCR and sequencing applications
  • Synthesis at 25 and 50 nmol scales
  • Oligonucleotide synthesis 15-60 bases long
  • Over 200 modifications – Phosphorylation, Fluorescent Dye, Quencher, Biotinylation and more
  • 96-well plate delivery available for high-throughput applications and bulk pricing
  • High-quality oligos with stringent QC at every step

Pricing in AUD, please contact us for a quote in NZD.

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